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Best of Islamorada Diving with Key Dives

Florida Keys Diving

Key Dives is Islamorada's premier PADI scuba diving center. We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line customer service and the best scuba diving experience in the Florida Keys. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff takes care of you every step of the way to ensure each and every diver has the experience of a lifetime. From tagging your gear and setting up your equipment to detailed dive briefings and incredible guided dives on the top Florida Keys dive sites, if you want the best - Key Dives is your only choice.

Islamorada Snorkeling, Spearfishing, and More with Key Dives

Key Dives is your home for Islamorada snorkeling, diving, and beyond. Snorkelers love the crystal clear water and the abundant fish life seen when snorkeling in Islamorada. Looking to try scuba diving or want to continue your diving education, ask about our PADI scuba diving courses. If you're an experienced diver looking for a new challenge, try your hand at Florida Keys Spearfishing. And during Lobster season, let Key Dives show you the best of Florida Keys lobstering...